About Us

We are two student midwives from the University of the West of Scotland and we are travelling to Greece to volunteer with refugee women for three weeks. Whilst there, we will participate in providing antenatal and postnatal care, feeding support and parent education classes. We will be working with Amurtel Greece, a charity that offer women […]

Infant nutrition

Amurtel are the only organisation in Athens offering infant nutrition education and support for refugee women. In these times of crisis there is a large gap in services leaving many women and babies vulnerable. Breastfeeding is a crucially important means of enabling health and stability in an infant during a crisis. However, due to the […]

The Midwife Appointment

Over the past two weeks Sarah and I have both spent time shadowing Klio and Ana in the midwife appointments. Klio is an independent midwife and Ana is recently qualified in 2016, they work for Amurtel on different days caring for the many pregnant and post partum women who attend. In the UK most women […]


Throughout the time Sarah and I have been volunteering with Amurtel in Athens we have met many inspirational people, some of whom we are now very privileged to call our friends and we have been presented with opportunities to learn about different cultures and what being a woman means across the world. It has also […]

Promise of a better future

This story is shared with the generous consent of a strong, kind and inspirational woman I am honoured to now call my friend. Nine months pregnant with her first baby, F was living with her mother in Afghanistan as her husband was studying in Pakistan. F herself had studied Physiotherapy in Pakistan before returning to […]

Pregnancy, progesterone and pelvic floor exercises

Our week at Amurtel began with the introduction of a new support group led by Sarah, Courtney – a medical student from America and I. Our topic of choice was women’s reproductive health and contraception. Amurtel are extremely organised at scheduling their appointments, support groups and classes and they alternate days between women speaking different […]

Reminding ourselves why we are here

Our second week at Amurtel has come to an end and we have met so many more Mum’s and babies this week. We’ve helped to support women from Syria, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries through midwifery care, breastfeeding consultations and various support groups. The Arabic and Farsi translators work very […]